Friday, April 1, 2011

Knitting, knitting, knitting!!!

Well, haven't been too busy making dollies lately..just got lots going on in other areas of life right now. But, in my spare time at night while everyone else is tuned into the tv I sit and knit sweet little outfits for OOAK babies. Here are a few examples of my work!
This cute little onesie is from my own pattern. They look just like the big ones once they are put on a doll!
These cute little sets are just right for Spring! They seem to be very popular on ebay these days. It's a fun way to spend my time and the reason I learned how to knit is that I have problems in my wrists and crochet really irritates them. Now and then I will add a crochet piece into the mix but for the most part I just knit, knit, knit!
I use mainly three ply yarns that I get from the UK. They have the nicest yarns to work with for the smaller items! I list outfits as often as I can on ebay and I'm always up to taking orders too! Thanks for dropping in!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hair rooting tutorial!!!

I am so excited to finally have figured out how to root the hair into my OOAK baby heads! After a bit of frustration and failed attempts I had a brainstorm in the middle of the night and couldn't wait to get up in the morning to try it out. I worked all day to get a finished head and try my theory out and from the looks of the pics it worked!
This is a sweet sleeping Asian baby I did. She has hand rooted gorgeous black hair. I have noticed the darker the color the more select you have to be with it. I've done the same theory on a four inch baby recently and am still blown away each time I do one at how life like the baby looks. Hair can be combed, brushed, wet and styled!
This is my latest one with rooted hair and she is currently on ebay. You can find me under ebay seller kimr3066. I also have the tutorial listed for sale on ebay and etsy. I've sold quite a few and all the feedback is amazing on them. I am so glad to be able to share this method with other artists and can't wait to see their results with it!
So, this is what keeps me busy and not blogging, lol! Thanks for taking a peek!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Baby Summer is done and on ebay!

Finally got her finished when the kids went back to school. She is such a sweetie! Measures in at 12 inches with her legs bent. Doesn't she look sweet sleeping in my yarn basket enjoying the nice weather?
This i what I am including with her. A super cute outfit I got on ebay from Shabby, footed pants, matching hat, white hooded jacket and pink shirt. I also crocheted a lacy sweater and bonnet for her and found a cute kitten bottle and small bunny. She is also wearing a real preemie sized Pamper!
This painted hair took forever, four plus hours of layering the genesis paints and had to do sections so I didn't smear what I already accomplished!
She is one of my all time favorites to day. I seem to enjoy the larger sculpts as I have more room to work but at the same time the smaller ones fascinate me too. I do all different sizes depending on my moods.
So now this darling is on ebay and waiting to find her Forever Mommy. I am hoping she does well with all the hours that went into creating her! If you'd like to see her auction or maybe bring her home :) you can see her here:
or just put her item number in which is 160476223840
She ends on Tuesday!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


More progress pics....I love the shape of this ones head so decided I didn't want to cover it in hair and went with the painted hair....all told it took about four plus hours of painting each little hair.
Had to do a section at a time and then keep adding layers as I set each one.
Tiny painted lashes. I will post more pics of her as she comes to life. Kids are back to school today so working on her legs, arms are done also and just need some more painting on them.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Baby in the works!

Ok, I started a new baby and decided to take pics as I go. A work in Progress! If I'd remember how to upload them in order here I'd be doing something, lol! Anyway, this is how she started out, as a ball of foil.
They don't look like much when they start out do they? But it is strange how I can see them taking shape in my head as I work.
This one will be pretty big, about 12-14 inches when done. I've been posting on the forum over at OOAK Guild and if you'd like to track her progress you can check her out there....this is the link:

Monday, August 2, 2010

New Baby

Ok, so there is a new baby in the house for a few days anyway. Just waiting to hear from his new Mommy and get him sent along. I just love this ones wee ears!
I made his body like a onesie so he looks cute undressed. A matching hat really finishes him off nice I think. He went thru a lot of changes from the get go, had to add more head once I got the face I wanted....
The cute little paci is from Jenna at rasbubbyhill. She sells them in packs of five with some doll house wax for only 8.99 plus shipping! A great deal and they are so cute! I've used them from 6 inch to ten inch babies.
Going to miss this little guy and have enjoyed sitting here looking at him. Now I need to get busy on a 6 1/2 inch and then a 19 inch newborn! I will have to post as I go when I start on that one! Lots of work on one that size!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello finally!

Wow! Time flies I guess, I didn't realize it was this long since i posted! Well, first things first, my Dad got sick last year and was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and lost his battle on December 6th. It was a hard road for our family and still is. He is very much missed and it was the hardest thing I've ever been thru in my entire 39 years.

Then life got in the way I guess, just busy all the time with the kids and sculpting and making dolly clothes....I will try to get here once a week to update all my wonderful followers on my doings. I'm currently working on a super cute awake baby boy and have a sweet baby girl listed on ebay...find me there kimr3066!

Also, for anyone looking for amazing cards, invitations and amazing quilled ornies please hop over to see my friend Cindy at sweetdesigninc and visit her etsy shop. Cindy does some amazing work and her prices are TDF!

In the works for me are bundle baby kits, everything you will need to make your own wee bundle baby including a face mold...I'll post some pics when I get them ready. Somewhere in the near future I'm going to try my hand at making OOAK playpens also.

Until next time happy creating to all my fellow artists out there, check back soon, you never know when I might pop in!