Friday, June 26, 2009

Just stuff

Earlier this week I took the dog out for a walk....our field is loaded with clover. For as long as I can remember I've always looked at clover with the hope of finding the elusive four leaf one and finally did! Couldn't believe it and have it pressing in a book. Going to try to find a way to preserve it into a key fob or something.
Then yesterday I was spading my garden and pulling weeds since we actually had a rain free day and while spading I hit this pretty large piece of quartz. It is a strange find as we normally don't find such large pieces here in New England. I think I'll put it under my pillow tonight and see if I wake up feeling better!
In between finding charms and stones yesterday I mushed three heads before I got to this one. I have some tweaking to do on it but going to let it sit for a while first. I used puppen rose on this one and not sure as of yet what she will be. Going to try to get the armature made today and see what she says.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

As I said, you just never know what will be living on my desk. I based out a foil head last week and it was just sitting there...then the other day I got the urge to work on it. Sorry I didn't take a pic of the foil head but this is where I was a while later...taking pics really helps you see things in a different perspective and I can see lots of things to tweak on it so far...
So, after some tweaking and taking the ears off I am getting there. For some reason I think the eye slits need to be a little lower and the cheeks need to be pushed up some more. I took lots of pics as I went and kept tweaking...
Now I'm getting somewhere but after smoothing with a bit of oil I can see one side of the lip is down a little bit and one eye slit isn't very straight...more tweaking comes.
Finally getting where I want to be and have added a bit of color with some chaulks. I tend to do this lately as I can get a better idea on hair color. I will still add more layers with Genesis paints before the head is completely finalized...
This one was taken before the oven. Looks more on the boy side to me which is funny, when I do smaller babies I don't often get boys but the larger I go the more boyish they get...strange. The hair is combed out tibetan and will (hopefully) get baked in, I often have trouble with it sticking but love this look. Eventually I want to learn to root the hair right into the clay. I will post updates as I go, this will be about a ten inch baby when finished!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ghoulish girl updates and the March Hare

So, change of plans on the ghoulish girl and decided to just have her arms down at her sides. She looks truly ghoulish and ghostly now..soon to arrive on ebay and see if she can find a new keeper!

On the other side of the desk is the very late March Hare, he seems to have broken the clock and is sure to be in big trouble with the Duchess now! He is solid sculpted over wire and foil and painstakingly hand painted. He even has a few whiskers! Sure to add enchantment to any Alice collection.
He is just a mere 5 1/4 inches to the tip of his standing ear! A bit of pink flocking was added to his feet, nose and the inside of his ears. He has two real buttons on his shirt just to give a bit of depth and texture to him. He will join the little ghouly girl on ebay and if they don't find new homes there will go to my etsy store, soon as I open it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ghoulish little girl

So after half the day yesterday trying to concoct a name for this blog here I am along with my newest creation...a ghoulish little gal if I do say so myself! She came out of the clay I think to match my creepy mood that sprung up last week. Although she isn't quite finished I am happy with her ghoulish good looks so far.

She is dressed mainly is off white laces. A nice wide pleated lace worked for her skirt while a more filigree type was used to trim her arms and legs with and also made a nice collar. She has a spooked out do of lavender and white tibetan hair...sort of like mine in the morning!
Her hands are behind her, what should they hold? Lots of creepy possibilities aren't there! A poison apple, a knife, a ghoulish head...what do you think?
She is also still in need of a name...once these little things are finished she will be listed on ebay and if she does not sell then she will be banished to Etsy until her new keeper comes along.
Tune in soon, other critters currently living on my desk are the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland and a bird like critter...... I haven't quite decided what he is yet but he may make for an interesting give away....until then happy blogging and thanks for taking the time to visit!