Monday, June 22, 2009

Ghoulish girl updates and the March Hare

So, change of plans on the ghoulish girl and decided to just have her arms down at her sides. She looks truly ghoulish and ghostly now..soon to arrive on ebay and see if she can find a new keeper!

On the other side of the desk is the very late March Hare, he seems to have broken the clock and is sure to be in big trouble with the Duchess now! He is solid sculpted over wire and foil and painstakingly hand painted. He even has a few whiskers! Sure to add enchantment to any Alice collection.
He is just a mere 5 1/4 inches to the tip of his standing ear! A bit of pink flocking was added to his feet, nose and the inside of his ears. He has two real buttons on his shirt just to give a bit of depth and texture to him. He will join the little ghouly girl on ebay and if they don't find new homes there will go to my etsy store, soon as I open it!

1 comment:

  1. O I love the march hare! You did fantastic on him! Love the stand also! Fantastic!
    You need to get your etsy shop up and running!!