Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tiny elf baby

Well, I finally got a little baby I am happy with. Since I started making OOAKs I've tried a few times to make tiny ones and usually end up frustrated. This summer I seem to be learning a lot of patience and haven't been rushing to get things done including dolls. If I don't like an arm I re- make it. If I don't like the hair I start over....
This wee one is "Blossom", she is just a hair over 3 inches long and has a tiny cloth body filled with pellets and fibrefill. Her arms and legs are elastic jointed so she is easy to pose and dress. She has a little head of blond hair and her pouty little mouth and even those teeny tiny nails were all glazed!
I used puppen Rose for her. It is such a nice firm clay and so strong when cured! I like the lighter color of it and it is so smooth also when cured. I just did the barest of blush on her. She even has teeny tiny creases in her little feet. Each of her toes was put on one at a time and blended into the foot. By the time I got to the littlest ones they were smaller than the end of a grain of rice!
I took the pics outside in the shade and love this one...with the sun reflecting on the blanket she looks like a little angel! If all goes well tomorrow she will head for ebay and I'll do an economy buster low start bid auction on her just to have some fun! I know whoever gets her is going to love her a bunch!