Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Updates finally!

Would have posted some pics sooner but it's been a slow go on this girl. With the boys home for summer I seem to grab bits of sculpting time these days. She is still waiting for the rest of her hair to come but is in the home stretch now. She has taken the better part of two weeks but I am glad because she is teaching me patience!
She was sculpted as always without any molds over a strong wire and clay core armature. I used Puppen Rose which is one of my favorite colors for faes. It is a bit rough on my hands, either that or they have been spoiled by the nice soft ProSculpt I normally sculpt in!
Her wings are also clay and sculpted on wire. There are two layers of clay with feathered edges. I painted them with pearl acrylic and a bit of metallic bright red blended into it...they remind me of flower petals. She is such a regal looking girl, I thought she needed some extra special wings. They are completely removable also.
She wears just a piece of torn silk guaze about her waist which is easy to remove as I intended for her to be nude. To dress her at all to me would just take away from her entirely. I don't often do complete nude faes but this one has a wonderful feminine air to her and as an artist I believe that should be celebrated and not hidden.


  1. OMG Kim!! She is so beautiful! I think she is your best fae yet and you have done so many beautiful ones but she is definatly on a different level!

  2. She looks fabulous! I love her wings. very beautiful Kim and just love her face!