Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello finally!

Wow! Time flies I guess, I didn't realize it was this long since i posted! Well, first things first, my Dad got sick last year and was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and lost his battle on December 6th. It was a hard road for our family and still is. He is very much missed and it was the hardest thing I've ever been thru in my entire 39 years.

Then life got in the way I guess, just busy all the time with the kids and sculpting and making dolly clothes....I will try to get here once a week to update all my wonderful followers on my doings. I'm currently working on a super cute awake baby boy and have a sweet baby girl listed on ebay...find me there kimr3066!

Also, for anyone looking for amazing cards, invitations and amazing quilled ornies please hop over to see my friend Cindy at sweetdesigninc and visit her etsy shop. Cindy does some amazing work and her prices are TDF!

In the works for me are bundle baby kits, everything you will need to make your own wee bundle baby including a face mold...I'll post some pics when I get them ready. Somewhere in the near future I'm going to try my hand at making OOAK playpens also.

Until next time happy creating to all my fellow artists out there, check back soon, you never know when I might pop in!