Tuesday, August 31, 2010


More progress pics....I love the shape of this ones head so decided I didn't want to cover it in hair and went with the painted hair....all told it took about four plus hours of painting each little hair.
Had to do a section at a time and then keep adding layers as I set each one.
Tiny painted lashes. I will post more pics of her as she comes to life. Kids are back to school today so working on her legs, arms are done also and just need some more painting on them.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Baby in the works!

Ok, I started a new baby and decided to take pics as I go. A work in Progress! If I'd remember how to upload them in order here I'd be doing something, lol! Anyway, this is how she started out, as a ball of foil.
They don't look like much when they start out do they? But it is strange how I can see them taking shape in my head as I work.
This one will be pretty big, about 12-14 inches when done. I've been posting on the forum over at OOAK Guild and if you'd like to track her progress you can check her out there....this is the link:

Monday, August 2, 2010

New Baby

Ok, so there is a new baby in the house for a few days anyway. Just waiting to hear from his new Mommy and get him sent along. I just love this ones wee ears!
I made his body like a onesie so he looks cute undressed. A matching hat really finishes him off nice I think. He went thru a lot of changes from the get go, had to add more head once I got the face I wanted....
The cute little paci is from Jenna at rasbubbyhill. She sells them in packs of five with some doll house wax for only 8.99 plus shipping! A great deal and they are so cute! I've used them from 6 inch to ten inch babies.
Going to miss this little guy and have enjoyed sitting here looking at him. Now I need to get busy on a 6 1/2 inch and then a 19 inch newborn! I will have to post as I go when I start on that one! Lots of work on one that size!