Monday, August 2, 2010

New Baby

Ok, so there is a new baby in the house for a few days anyway. Just waiting to hear from his new Mommy and get him sent along. I just love this ones wee ears!
I made his body like a onesie so he looks cute undressed. A matching hat really finishes him off nice I think. He went thru a lot of changes from the get go, had to add more head once I got the face I wanted....
The cute little paci is from Jenna at rasbubbyhill. She sells them in packs of five with some doll house wax for only 8.99 plus shipping! A great deal and they are so cute! I've used them from 6 inch to ten inch babies.
Going to miss this little guy and have enjoyed sitting here looking at him. Now I need to get busy on a 6 1/2 inch and then a 19 inch newborn! I will have to post as I go when I start on that one! Lots of work on one that size!

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