Friday, September 3, 2010

Baby Summer is done and on ebay!

Finally got her finished when the kids went back to school. She is such a sweetie! Measures in at 12 inches with her legs bent. Doesn't she look sweet sleeping in my yarn basket enjoying the nice weather?
This i what I am including with her. A super cute outfit I got on ebay from Shabby, footed pants, matching hat, white hooded jacket and pink shirt. I also crocheted a lacy sweater and bonnet for her and found a cute kitten bottle and small bunny. She is also wearing a real preemie sized Pamper!
This painted hair took forever, four plus hours of layering the genesis paints and had to do sections so I didn't smear what I already accomplished!
She is one of my all time favorites to day. I seem to enjoy the larger sculpts as I have more room to work but at the same time the smaller ones fascinate me too. I do all different sizes depending on my moods.
So now this darling is on ebay and waiting to find her Forever Mommy. I am hoping she does well with all the hours that went into creating her! If you'd like to see her auction or maybe bring her home :) you can see her here:
or just put her item number in which is 160476223840
She ends on Tuesday!